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FETC® 2021 Keynotes

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Powerful Keynotes in the Course of 4 Amazing Days
— Only at FETC® 2021

Each day, FETC will feature compelling keynotes on timely and need-to-know topics by some of the industry’s most respected experts and forward thinkers. Each hour-long keynote will incorporate time for live Q&A where you can submit questions via chat and the presenter will respond to your questions live!
DAY 1: Tuesday, Jan. 26
 STAY TUNED! Keynotes for Day 1 will be announced in December.
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DAY 2: Wednesday, Jan. 27
 4:45 p.m. ET 
Eric Sheninger

Eric Sheninger

Associate Partner,
International Center for Leadership in Education

Preparation for the Unknown
We’ve long known that from the economic shifts created by the 4th Industrial Revolution arose the need for a new type of learning, knowledge, and real-world preparedness for students entering life beyond school, and yet K-12 education has been slow to respond to this need, stymied by the heavy baggage of its own outmoded routines and practices. Our centuries-old approach to learning — delivering traditional, siloed content knowledge — isn’t what students need to be successful, and it can’t be what today’s K-12 leaders and teachers provide. This presentation will delve into the types of learning experiences that today’s students need, and the innovative approaches to leadership and instruction that will enable and facilitate these opportunities. In 2021, the silver lining resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic may very well be that we take the necessary risks that we’ve hesitated on for years. From purposeful blended pedagogies, to flexible learning environments, and personalized, student-driven learning, we will hopefully capitalize on a pivotal moment for reshaping our “classrooms” and the lives of students in our charge.
DAY 3: Thursday, Jan. 28
 11 a.m. ET 
Dr. Jill M Siler

Dr. Jill M Siler

Gunter Independent School District

Thrive Through the Five:
Transforming Leadership Challenges Into Positive Opportunities

Over this past year, a global pandemic has brought about some of the most challenging work in education — whether in leading through shifting and complex information or in teaching in a multitude of ever-changing learning environments. To be successful in today’s stressful climate of education budget shortfalls, ever-evolving academic standards, and widespread cultural transformation, education professionals need to find the confidence to become the leaders they hope to be. While the work we do as teachers and leaders is incredible, it is not without cost. Dr. Jill Siler, superintendent and author of Thrive Through the Five: Practical Truths to Powerfully Lead through Challenging Times, will share her own honest experiences and expertise to provide practical strategies and relevant insights into how all school leaders can thrive in difficult seasons.
 4:45 p.m. ET 
Brianna Hodges

Brianna Hodges

National Advisor & Spokesperson,
Future Ready
Instructional Leaders

Thomas C. Murray

Thomas C. Murray

Director of Innovation,
Future Ready Schools

4 Keys to Effective Leading and Coaching in Any Environment
The 2020-21 school year has brought uncertainty at every turn. Opening this school year in the midst of a global pandemic created significant anxiety and loss of sleep for all educators, regardless of position or location. In the process, school and instructional leaders are working tirelessly to support, coach, and inspire teaching and learning in new and different ways. Leading through adversity, how can educators surpass the survival stage and thrive, to design resilient and transformative learning, no matter what happens in the future? In this keynote, Future Ready’s Thomas C. Murray and Brianna Hodges will highlight four foundational keys leaders and coaches need, right now, to unlock success today, tomorrow, and moving forward.
DAY 4: Friday, Jan. 29
 11 a.m. ET 
Lenny Schad

Lenny Schad

Chief Information & Innovation Officer,
District Administration® Magazine

What is YOUR District’s
Cybersecurity Story?

Many superintendents and school boards view cybersecurity as a “technology” issue and have very little understanding of their district’s current cyber posture. For the third year in a row, CoSN’s (Consortium for School Networking) annual leadership survey ranks cybersecurity as the top priority for school IT leaders. School districts, whether rural, suburban, or urban, should not believe that they are less of a target for cyber-attacks. As it relates to cybersecurity, every school system needs to accept the new reality of, “It’s when, not if.” Given this new reality, cybersecurity needs to have shared ownership among the school board, superintendent, and IT department. This keynote will discuss how district leaders can establish a shared understanding and ownership of cybersecurity.
 4:45 p.m. ET 
Dr. Peter Gorman

Dr. Peter Gorman

Superintendent in Residence,
District Administration Leadership Institute®

An Aligned System to Increase Student Achievement at Scale
Dr. Peter Gorman has more than 30 years of experience in education and business, including serving as Superintendent for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. In this presentation, Dr. Gorman will share the elements of an aligned system that the highest performing school districts utilize to increase student achievement at scale.
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