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The Future of Education Technology® Conference is proud to present FETC Chats — an ongoing series of learning opportunities featuring ed tech experts, leaders and real-world practitioners sharing their guidance and tips. From the latest ed tech coaching techniques to classroom resources and strategies for administrators, FETC Chats will cover crucial issues and new ideas leading up to FETC.

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November Twitter Chats

Robert Martellaci

Leading From a Crisis to
Future-Proofing Learning

Presented by Robert Martellaci
Founder & CEO, MindShare Learning Technology,
Toronto, Ontario
Tuesday, November 2 • 5 p.m. ET

Prior to COVID-19, the topic of future-proofing leadership development was a “someday” thought in the minds of leadership and educational leaders. The need for such a strategy was not due to a global crisis, but to the evolution of education itself: global, digital and the shift in learner preferences to more self-serve, on-demand content for students. Join Robert Martellaci, recognized as one of Canada's foremost EdTech thought leaders to discuss how education leaders can prepare for this shift. Honored by EdTech Digest as a Top100 Global Influencer, Robert will share valuable EdTech insights and trends derived from the recent EdTech Leadership summit.
Lainie Rowell

Innovative and Evolving Learning

Presented by Lainie Rowell
Innovative Learning Consultant, Huntington Beach, Calif.
Tuesday, November 9 • 5 p.m. ET

Lainie Rowell is an educator, author of Evolving Learner, podcaster, and international consultant who specializes in working with other educators to find innovative and sustainable ways to transform teaching and learning. Her areas of expertise include designing innovative learning experiences, community building and professional learning. Join the chat to explore the inquiry model and actionable strategies that can be used to evolve learning.
November 9 • 5 p.m. ET

Leading in Challenging Times: Thrive Through the Five

Presented by Dr. Jill Siler
Deputy Executive Director, Professional Learning,
Texas Association of School Administrators;
Former Superintendent, Gunter Independent
School District
Tuesday, November 16 • 5 p.m. ET

Most educators just finished the most challenging 18 months of their careers, yet as we venture further into 2021-22, it is already proving even more difficult. How can educators find the confidence to become the leaders they hope to be and how can leaders increase their impact? How do we do more than just survive during these times – how do we thrive? Dr. Siler wrote Thrive through the Five to help school leaders navigate that challenging 5 percent of work (and life) when things are really, really hard. Join this conversation to be inspired to make an impact this school year while maintaining work/life balance and thrive in today’s stressful climate of education and widespread cultural transformation.

Dr. Adam Phyall

Taking Students from Consumers to Producers with Edtech

Presented by Dr. Adam Phyall
Director of Technology & Media Services, Newton County School System, Covington, Ga.
Tuesday, November 30 • 5 p.m. ET

Early in his teaching career, Adam began having students create videos and podcasts to explain advanced science concepts. Once he saw the impact that technology had on learning when students produce content in his classroom, he began to share his activities and strategies with his peers. Throughout his professional career, Adam worked extensively with Title I and Urban schools to improve technology integration with economically disadvantaged students. Join this chat to discuss best practices for engaging students as technology producers with effective lesson integration.

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