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FETC® Twitter Chats

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The Future of Education Technology® Conference is proud to present FETC Chats — an ongoing series of learning opportunities featuring ed tech experts, leaders and real-world practitioners sharing their guidance and tips. From the latest ed tech coaching techniques to classroom resources and strategies for administrators, FETC Chats will cover crucial issues and new ideas leading up to FETC.

April Twitter Chats

Eric Curts

All Things Google

Presented by Eric Curts
Technology Integration Specialist, Stark County Schools
Tuesday, April 6 | 5 p.m. ET

Join Eric Curts for an hour of “All Things Google.” FETCchat will discuss how to get students active and involved with engaging activities such as interactive slides, Jamboard, Pear Deck, and video tools in the Classroom mobile app or Chrome extensions such as Screencastify. Come with questions for Eric about how to leverage Google tools and share best practices with your colleagues.

Tanya Avrith

Creativity With Adobe Tools

Presented by Tanya Avrith
Education Evangelist, Adobe
Tuesday, April 13 | 5 p.m. ET

Maximize your creativity by learning from your peers, check out community to learn how you can share resources and learn together. Explore over 400 ready-to-use creative lessons and projects on Adobe's education exchange: Take creative time for yourself and your students. Let them create! Give your students an opportunity to show what they know and let them do the talking (and teaching) - they can use amazing creative tools like Adobe Spark, Bookcreator, and Minecraft to get them to create and be the owners of their own learning.

Angela Maiers

Clubhouse Beginner’s Guide for Education

Presented by Angela Maiers
Author, Igniter of #YOUMATTER Unleashing Talent ~ Transforming Lives ~ Inspiring Change
Tuesday, April 20 | 5 p.m. ET

Join Angela for an inspirational and informative tweet chat focusing on leadership and communication. Angela will share how empathetic leaders can communicate with Clubhouse! Angela will share her Quick start guide to beginning to use Clubhouse, share her leadership resources and demonstrate how Clubhouse works as a tech tool for communication.

Ken Shelton

Tech Equity and Access

Presented by Ken Shelton
Learning Experience Designer, Diversity Equity Inclusion Consultant, and Visual Storyteller
Tuesday, April 27 | 5 p.m. ET

Equity, Inclusion and Compassion- the pandemic did not create inequities that already existed. It has magnified many as well as created many more. The most important thing to do is ask yourself how you might be able to ensure access and opportunity for all your students, teachers, leaders, etc. It will not look the same in everybody but part of addressing it is acknowledging this condition in the first place. Also, we must amplify our collective voices around building a sustainable internet infrastructure while also designating the internet as a utility. A lack of digital equity is digital poverty. When we recognize how simple things like words of encouragement, understanding of our different experiences, allocation of time for care (self and to others), and openly express all of these we can increase the likelihood of a positive effect on us all.

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