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FETChampions Mission Statement

FETChampions are the ambassadors of the Future of Education Technology® Conference. They are discovering and sharing new ways to spark positive change in student outcomes with technology, improving internal school processes through innovation, and understand it is vital that learning never stops — for students and educators.
We want you as an FETChampion!
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What is an FETChampion?

Someone who is passionate about all things ed tech and who wants to share their thoughts on trending topics, help spread the word about FETC® and connect with dedicated colleagues in the field. FETChampions are active in the education technology community, regularly post in the Future of Ed Tech Facebook group and stay social year-round with the hashtag #FETC.
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What are the benefits of being an FETChampion?

You’ll be an influencer in the ed tech community! FETChampions have the opportunity to not only share on social media but also to write for the FETC Insiders Blog. Plus, you’ll be the first to hear the latest conference news and get special recognition and exclusive on-site perks.

Check out the perks you get with each FETChampion tier!
  Pioneer Tier
Simply sign up
Trailblazer Tier
3 - 5 registrants with your
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Leader Tier
6+ registrants with your
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How do I become an FETChampion?

Register to attend FETC 2022 with a Premium, Basic or Daily pass. During the process, select the box on becoming an FETChampion. You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to get started soon after.
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Thank you for your interest in becoming an FETChampion! Without you, education technology would not be having such a profound impact on students, classrooms and entire school systems.


Email your FETChampions’ guide, Karissa Julien, at to sign up.

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