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Rely on LRP's Future of Ed Tech eNewsletter to keep you abreast of top issues in the field, with articles that highlight educational initiatives involving social media as a teaching and learning tool, bring-your-own-device programs, iPads and assessment, STEM, learning analytics, accessibility to digital curriculum, and game-based learning.

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The experts at LRP Publications bring you Special Ed Tech e-News — a new, FREE eNewsletter delivering updates on the growing integration of education technology and special education. Each month you’ll get up to speed on the latest in assistive and instructional technology, with an emphasis on best practices and compliance strategies for serving preK-12 students with disabilities in inclusive settings.

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The Future of Education Technology Conference offers a variety of session structures designed to foster hands-on and collaborative learning. You’ll discover diverse and relevant courses that you won’t find anywhere else, with 550+ expert-led learning opportunities all focused on providing solutions to your most pressing challenges and technological implementations.

Program Tracks
Gain insight for using new technologies in your school or district during intensive workshops and targeted sessions spanning 5 program tracks:
Future of Ed Tech Administrator View the 2017 brochure
For superintendents, assistant superintendents, district administrators, state education leaders, principals, media specialists and finance directors
Focus on education policy and the use of technology as a strategic tool for school improvement and transformation:

  • Leading data acquisition and information-based decision making in the digital age
  • How to make purchasing and budgeting decisions using several funding sources, including E-rate
  • Implications of product implementation and professional learning

Future of Ed Tech Information Technology View the 2017 brochure
For chief information and technology officers, IT directors and staff, network administrators and other technologists
Examine the technology infrastructure, networks, data administration, security and internet access that support learning environments:

  • Determining “Return on Instruction” for technology investments
  • Building and sustaining personalized learning architectures
  • Securing school networks, and detecting internal and external threats
Future of Ed Tech Educator View the 2017 brochure
For educators, curriculum designers, online educators, technology integration specialists and professional development trainers
Discover how to engage all learners by using technology to expand the learning environment
beyond the classroom:

  • Engaging pedagogical methods and digital content delivery whether it is synchronous or asynchronous
  • Practical instructional strategies to integrate personalized curriculum and manage collaborative technologies
  • Using mobile devices, game-based learning, coding and digital tools to deliver curriculum and content fostering creative and critical thinking
Future of Ed Tech Special Education View the 2017 brochure
For special education directors, superintendents, Section 504 coordinators, special and general educators, and AT specialists
Explore all facets of using assistive and instructional technology to serve preK-12 students with
disabilities in inclusive settings, emphasizing best practices and compliance:

  • Improving collaboration between and among pupil services and technology staff
  • Providing universal access to instruction and state standards
  • Engaging and including diverse learners on all devices across curricula
Future of Ed Tech Early Learning View the 2017 brochure
For preschool directors, curriculum designers, educators, child development researchers and early childhood administrators
Learn how and when to incorporate technology into programs for children aged 3-6 years, and get product information for emerging technology tools:

  • New research and policy on child development issues and creating high tech learning spaces
  • Strategies for implementing digital citizenship, device management, appropriate interfaces
    and equitable access
  • Instructing toddlers at play with educational content tools (Robotics, VR, AR, eBooks, tablets)
Sessions, Workshops and More Learning Opportunities
Concurrent Sessions
Current and emerging technologies, as well as best practices developed through research and actual classroom experience, will be explored and demonstrated in 40-minute and one-hour sessions.
High-profile speakers share their expertise and experience on important topics that reflect the prevailing themes of education today.
Learning Labs
Presented by leading industry experts, these 40-minute sessions showcase new and innovative products and technology for advancing student achievement and improving process management. Don’t miss this opportunity to find out, in-person, what these technologies can do for your school or district.
Poster Presentations
One-to-one conversations with education and technology innovators who have implemented exemplary technology integration projects and want to share their best practices.
Skill Builders
These 20-minute, hands-on demonstrations teach you a specific new tech skill you can use in your district or school right away.
STEM Theater Presentations
In these 30-minute presentations, STEM experts from across the country — including 2017 FETC STEM Excellence Award finalists — will discuss the best tools and techniques to inspire students, and share innovative ideas and new technologies for implementing groundbreaking programs in the STEM curriculum.

The FETC STEM Excellence Awards recognize schools and districts leading the way in the field of STEM education — meet the winners and learn how to establish a successful STEM program in your school.
Led by ed tech experts and thought-leaders, these 2.5 hour hands-on training workshops give you the unique opportunity to delve deeply into topics, learn new skills and strategies, and create new materials, without the time constraints of concurrent sessions. Workshops require an additional registration fee.
The nation’s largest, independent education technology event focused on leveraging technology to drive preK-12 student success.