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The Future of Education Technology® Conference is proud to present FETC Chats — an ongoing series of learning opportunities featuring ed tech experts, leaders and real-world practitioners sharing their guidance and tips. From the latest ed tech coaching techniques to classroom resources and strategies for administrators, FETC Chats will cover crucial issues and new ideas leading up to FETC.

September Twitter Chats

Dr. Tyrone M. Jefferso

What Coaches Need to Do to Prepare Faculty This Fall

Presented by Dr. Tyrone M. Jefferson
Instructional Designer, Atlanta, Ga.
Tuesday, September 7 • 5 p.m. ET

Tyrone is passionate about cultivating educational professionals' love of students, education and technology. Drawing on his expertise in integrating tech tools, best practices and classroom strategies, he will lead participants in a conversation about ways to engage educators, administrators and other school professionals in promoting, supporting and identifying tech tools appropriate for schools this fall.

Jeff Bradbury

How Do We Support Our Students as They Return to Our Classrooms?

Presented by Jeff Bradbury
Speaker; Broadcaster; Creator, TeacherCast Educational Network; Educator, Norwalk Public Schools, Conn.
Tuesday, September 14 • 5 p.m. ET

What do administrators need to do to prepare coaches and faculty for the return to school, including actionable steps they can take with district staff, faculty and students to employ engaging learning environments for all students? How are you creating dynamic lessons as your students return to school and enter your classroom? Join Jeff for a conversation about essential components to engaging all students.
Lainie Rowell

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Innovative and Evolving Learning

Presented by Lainie Rowell
Innovative Learning Consultant,
Huntington Beach, Calif.
Tuesday, September 21 • 5 p.m. ET

Lainie Rowell is an educator, author of Evolving Learner, podcaster, and international consultant who specializes in working with other educators to find innovative and sustainable ways to transform teaching and learning. Her areas of expertise include designing innovative learning experiences, community building and professional learning. Join the chat to explore the inquiry model and actionable strategies that can be used this fall to evolve learning.

Dr. Jill Siler

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A new date will be released soon.

Increase Your Impact:
Thrive Through the Five

Presented by Dr. Jill Siler
Superintendent, Gunter Independent School District, Texas
Tuesday, September 28 • 5 p.m. ET

In today’s stressful climate of education and widespread cultural transformation, how can educators find the confidence to become the leaders they hope to be and how can leaders increase their impact? Dr. Siler wrote Thrive Through the Five to help school leaders navigate that challenging 5 percent of work (and life) when things are really, really hard. Join this conversation to be inspired to make an impact this school year while maintaining work/life balance and thrive.

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