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The Future of Education Technology® Conference is proud to present FETC Chats — an ongoing series of learning opportunities featuring ed tech experts, leaders and real-world practitioners sharing their guidance and tips. From the latest ed tech coaching techniques to classroom resources and strategies for administrators, FETC Chats will cover crucial issues and new ideas leading up to FETC.

June Twitter Chats

Brian Romero Smith Sr.

Post-Pandemic State of Mind — Going From Uncertainty to Possibilities

Presented by Brian Romero Smith Sr.
School and District Partnerships Manager, Nearpod and Flocabulary
Tuesday, June 1 | 5 p.m. ET

As an educator of 23 years, Brian never approached the upcoming year the same as he did the previous. "A new year meant a new mindset, new students, new plan, new possibilities. My summers were used to reflect on my practice, my empathy, my abilities to see each and every student, and my ability to equitably pivot. So, going into a post-pandemic year, why should COVID-19 dictate anything different? You take what you have learned, the good and the bad, and let it transform your teaching to think for the next school year. So, I want to know what is your

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Mike Marotta

Inclusive Learning 365: Building an Inclusive Learning Environment One Day at a Time

Presented by Mike Marotta
RESNA Certified Assistive Technology Professional; Owner, Inclusive Technology Solutions, LLC
Tuesday, June 8 | 5 p.m. ET

As educators seek to improve learner outcomes and support increasingly diverse learners in their educational settings, they need to find ways to increase engagement and motivation to learn. When learners are engaged they are more likely to persist even with challenging tasks, and when they persist they are more likely to meet learning outcomes. Join several inclusive technology facilitators, Chris Bugaj (@attipscast), Karen Janowski (@KarenJan), Mike Marotta (@mmatp), and Beth Poss (@possbeth) as we discuss inclusive strategies and moving educators to an inclusive mindset. Learn more about this resource at

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Dr. Matthew X. Joseph

Global Connections

Presented by Dr. Matthew X. Joseph
Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, Leicester Public School
Tuesday, June 15 | 5 p.m. ET

With an openness to learn, anyone can begin to expand their knowledge by being part of a Professional Learning Network. A PLN is a mindset; it is not a one-shot association. When managed well, these connections can help educational leaders innovate in their classrooms, schools, and beyond to improve student outcomes. This chat will empower your growth by putting your personalized professional development ideas into your own hands.

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Ann Kozma

Formative Assessment With Flipgrid

Presented by Ann Kozma
Educator Innovation Lead, Team Flipgrid at Microsoft
Tuesday, June 22 | 5 p.m. ET

On a mission to connect, engage, empower, and amplify every voice in your learning community? Join this chat and learn how Flipgrid can level up creative communication and empower students to show what they know! From designing creative content, to powerful accessibility tools, to sharing with authentic audiences, Flipgrid provides endless pathways to share, celebrate, and showcase every unique voice! Flipgrid gives teachers an easy way to get individual feedback from their students.

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