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FETC® 2021 Session Tracks

The Future of Education Technology® Conference features hundreds of learning opportunities
organized into 6 distinct tracks to help you pinpoint the sessions most relevant to you —
so you can maximize your learning and make the most of your time.

Pictures of FETC Attendees learning in Track Sessions, with phrase: EACH TRACK OFFERS AN ON-SITE ORIENTATION!

 Future of Ed Tech Administrator 
Learn technology-based best practices that can be used in your daily practice to lead schoolwide initiatives that embrace technology, engage learners and build capacity among entire teams. Plus, you can attend sessions on leading through a crisis, managing COVID-19 issues at your school or district, and more pertinent topics!
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 Future of Ed Tech Information Technology 
With sessions for every role in the technology department, you’ll get crucial takeaways to address cybersecurity, AI/VR, cloud computing, bandwidth and resources needed for distance learning, and more — all from top experts who are leading the charge.
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 Future of Ed Tech Educator 
Discover new and innovative digital learning tools for your classroom, plus get online and distance learning strategies, creative technology resources and much more to help you lead your classroom most efficiently.
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 Future of Ed Tech Library Media Specialist  
For this ever-evolving role, collaboration, personalization and learning creation are key elements to success. Learn firsthand about the resources and training tools available to effectively incorporate technology into programs and ensure the learning needs of the school are met.
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 Future of Ed Tech Coach  
Get the latest insights and strategies on instructional technologies, personalized learning materials and pedagogical methods to mentor and train educators in your district. Presentations will address how distance, online, flipped, blended and personalized learning environments are used to promote high academic performance.
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 Future of Ed Tech Assistive Technology & Special Education 
This is the ideal place for special education leaders, support staff and educators to learn about effective practices for using technology to support the academic and social-emotional growth of students with disabilities. Plus, learning opportunities will emphasize inclusive practices for continuing services during remote and blended learning.
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Pictures of FETC Attendees learning in Track Sessions

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